High Quality water bottles with a 4D Purification system

A Crazy Cap water bottle is a great choice for a water purifier, as it has a deep UV LED light in its cap. This gives you the ability to purify the water from the tap at any time. Double tap for normal mode, which kills 99% of microorganisms, or tap five times for crazy mode, which kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses Because the Cap Port is capable of recharging via a USB charger, you can bring a Crazy Cap water purifier with you wherever you go, and this charge lasts for about a week with normal use. This is especially useful for travel when you do not believe in the source of water or when you are out hiking or adventure.

How UV light works to purify water.

If you decide that water purification is the way to go, then you still have to choose a water purifier at the top. Although chemical treatments, such as iodine tablets and aquamarine, can be effective in emergencies, UV light has many advantages that make it a top water purifier .Bacteria and viruses, which cause living things to die. This process works rapidly to eliminate pathogens, even with low power UV light, which makes it both safe to use and energy efficient.

How filtering and purifying is done

First, you need to understand the difference between filtering and purifying water. Filtering occurs when a physical barrier prevents sediment, bacteria and protozoa from entering your drinking water. But most water filters have holes 0.2 microns in size that do not block the virus because they are smaller. To purify water, on the other hand, either chemical treatment or technology such as UV light is used to remove bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. Although filtered water looks clean because it gets rid of sediment, clean water is actually clean and safe.

Your UV water bottle stays clean

Do you notice the smell when you open a water bottle that has been sitting for a while? Well, you never have to worry about it with a UV water bottle like Crazy Cap because it is self cleaning. Throughout the day, Crazy Cap will automatically turn on the UV light cycle to prevent mold and other contaminants from growing inside your bottle. With UV water bottle, you can completely forget the hassle of cleaning regular water bottles without any surprise.

The UV water bottle needs to be recharged, but Crazy Cap makes it incredibly easy. All you have to do is place the port less USB charger on top of the cap and plug it into any USB port. If you are in the back country, you can also use it with a wall charger, car charger, or solar charger.

The biggest advantage of UV water bottle is that it replaces plastic water bottles, so it is extremely environmentally friendly. In fact, the use of Crazy Cap UV water bottle can replace 20,000 plastic water bottles in its lifetime use.