Get a smoothing effect around the eye area

There is no such thing as a romantic trip or catching a flight. But, the downside is that there are often red-eyed flights between perfect pictures. We`ve all been there. After the last flight home and hours of landing, head straight for the office with dark circles under the eyes and swollen bags. Fortunately, thanks to overnight flights, those dark circles have no resemblance to this lifting eye cream.

Clarins Total Eye Lift Concentrate Eye Cream is as luxurious as it is for eye creams. The creamy texture melts into the skin without leaving any residue. Instead, the area under the eyes feels hydrated and refreshed. The formula is just as impressive as the cream itself. It contains anti-aging ingredients that reduce dark circles, wrinkles and ultimately make the skin feel stronger.

While other creams under the eyes promise similar results, Clarins` formula actually does. And according to the brand, thanks to the brand-specific blend of Organic Harungana Extract and Casey Flower Wax, which lifts the skin instantly, and smoothes the signs of aging within 60 seconds. The cream also contains caffeine, which enhances the potency of the formula and helps to eliminate dark circles and shadows. Like a cup of coffee, it awakens the skin and leaves even a shiny finish.

An award winning naturally powerful all in one anti-aging eye cream that targets wrinkles coyote`s feet dark circles and swelling to clear eyes that can be seen in 60 seconds. Manufactured with 94% natural ingredients including an exclusive lift smoothing pair of Clarins Organic Harunga Extract and Casey Flower Wax this innovative anti-aging formula appears instantly providing a daily lifting and wrinkle-smoothing effect. 

Calling all Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate lovers we have a new and improved formula with the same texture you`re going to like! Total Eyelift is a lift-filling eye center that works on all eye ailments. It includes Chrono Lift Duo made from Cassie Wax which is rich in fatty acids and Harungana  Clarins is the most effective anti aging ingredient .Which produces together .Smooth bearing and long lasting lift .This problem-solving product offers a solution for women of all ages who want to de-puff the eye contour, reduce dark circles and lift and brighten the eye area. Total Eye Life is packaged in recyclable airless glass.

Beauty brand Clarins recently unveiled its new product Total Eyelift at a virtual press conference and we were among the few beauty editors who saw this launch at this unique time .In her presentation, Lair explained that some of the external factors that affect our skin are stress and a disruptive schedule. What`s more, we are constantly in front of our laptops and do not give our eyes enough rest.

For our eye care, Layer recommends the following techniques when applying the product: First, warm the half gel, half cream Total Eye Lift product between our fingers (index and right in the middle), then the product. Tap your fingers up and down. The eyelids allow the product to be absorbed .When I tried the plant-based product, the first thing I noticed was its scent, which comes from the nectar of cassia flowers and harongana, which seems to be as effective as retinol. Casey`s flower is a vague, yellow bunch that gives off a scent reminiscent of orange blossoms, while Harunga`s liqueur comes from Madagascar`s trees with powerful regenerating and soothing properties.